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Pure Linen Bedding

Experience the best sleep and relaxation with our range of pure linen bedding. Our fitted and flat sheets are made from luxurious, 100% pure linen. They provide a gentle massaging effect on the skin so you can dive into a deeper and more restful sleep. 

Discover the highest-quality pure linen bedding, nightwear, and home accessories, ensuring the most comfortable experience.

Indulge in the Warmth of Pure Linen

Experience the luxury of 100% pure linen amongst our collection of bedding, nightwear, and home accessories. Embrace the luxurious and lived-in look with a lightweight natural texture - pre-washed for added softness.

Our elegant Linen Fitted Sheets AU range is a beautiful enhancement to your main bedroom or upmarket guest bedrooms. Our pure linen fabrics add comfort and warmth as they regulate body temperatures naturally.

The George Street in-house product designers continuously research and brainstorm greater degrees of elegance. We partner with high-quality external experts to create reliable, long-lasting heirloom linen fitted sheets. For George Street Linen, it’s not just about bedding; it’s a work of passion and art. We carefully select colours, exquisite finishes, and matching sets curated with vast knowledge and skill.

Where Do We Source Our Linen?

Grown and harvested from Fairtrade, environmentally-friendly OEKO-TEX certified flax linen, we work with only top linen suppliers in Belgium and France. Their ethical processes, consistency of quality plants, and excellent harvests mean our products are woven into the most beautiful, sumptuous, finished products.

By partnering with only the best suppliers and collaborators in the market, we amplify the quality and luxury that can be created with like-minded linen artists and experts. From soil to sale, every member in the supply chain also has a strong environment and community focus. This guarantees that the luxury and beauty we are so proud of carry an implied badge of ethical, sustainable methodologies and deep respect for the ancient provenance of this industry.

* Please note that Pillowcases are sold separately.

Why George Street Linen?

Thoughtfully designed, made with care, and sold with passion - when you buy Linen Fitted Sheets, nightwear, and home accessories from George Street Linen, you are buying a level of comfort rarely found in bed linen or any other linen product. Beautiful, functional, and comforting - our goal for all our products.

What's long-staple mean?

Oeko-Tex Certified

Learn more about all the benefits of linen

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