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Our Pillows & Quilts


We sell various types of fillings for our pillows and quilts, for the hot or cool sleepers, we have something for everyone. Discover the collection below.


Suitable for Side or Back sleepers the Memory Loft Pillow provides premium support.

  • Memory Foam Core Fill enclosed with a removable 410 gsm Microfiber Filled Zip Cover.
  • 290 thread count 100% Cotton Japara Cover & 45 Denier Memory Foam Core with a 5cm Gusset, Satin Piping and Baffled Box Square stitching for ulitimate Loft & Support.
  • Hypoallergenic Pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Removable machine washable cover.


Suitable for Side and Back sleepers the Feather Loft Pillow provides Medium to High support and premium comfort.

  • 600 gsm 100% Duck Feather Core enclosed with a removable 410 gsm Microfiber filled Zip Cover.
  • 290 thread count 100% Cotton Japara Cover.
  • 5cm gusset with Satin Piping with Baffled Box Square stitching for ultimate Loft and Support.
  • Hypoallergenic Pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Removable machine washable cover.


This New Innovative Fibre was created for the Japanese Market to replace Natural Goose & Duck Down products during the Bird Flu crisis several years ago which wiped out the supply of natural feathers world-wide.

  • High Loft Fibre is a Patent Fibre mixture of 8 Microfibre Yarns equalling the warmth of 70% Duck Down Products.
  • High Loft Fibre is the closest man-made fibre to equal the feel, loft, warmth and performances of Natural Down.
  • The Super Soft fill retains its loft all year round providing a luxurious level of warmth without weight.
  • George Street Linen High Loft Fibre Quilts & Pillows are Machine Washable.
  • Luxury 290 Thread Count 100% Cotton Japara casing on all Quilts & Pillows.
  • Luxurious Fill Weight of 350 gsm of High Loft Fibre across all sizes in our Quilts (Duvet Inners) for luxurious loft for 12 months use.


Made exclusively with Siberian Goose down which is wonderfully light, soft and warm. 
The large and lofty clusters of pure down offer exceptional insulation. 

  • Experience 5 star hotel luxury at home with this exquisite range of bedding.
  • We source all our Down from certified farms and we ensure that we use Class A down to offer the best quality.
  • Bedding using full down content have excellent thermal performance.
  • All our covers on these quilts have a tightly woven fabric which acts as a barrier against dust mites.
  • These natural duvets are made with a boxed wall construction, the down filling is held in individual boxes allowing for even distribution and preventing cold spot


Our unique Microsofty fibre fill gives a supreme soft touch with the cloud-like caress of the fluffiest down - snuggle up and try for yourself!

The micro-weave fabric encases the fill weight of 350gsm. The fineness of the outer fabric acts as a defence against dust mites and fine particles perfect for allergy sufferers.
This all-season supreme soft quilt is ultra-fresh treated and can also be machine washed. Experience a deep sleep with our supreme soft quilts and pillows.
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