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What does Oeko-Tex Certified mean?

A Guide to Oeko-Tex and What it Means for Your Bedding

We sleep easy at night knowing our bed sheets are Oeko-Tex certified. Not only is our luxury bedding better for you, but it’s manufactured in a way that is better for the environment too.

But what does the hard-earned Oeko-Tex label really mean?  We’ll explain…

What is Oeko-Tex?

Hurrah for Oeko-Tex - the international organisation dedicated to testing and approving textiles for harmful chemicals, dyes and bleaches. 


What does Oeko-Tex certified mean?

Ah, Oeko-Tex certification… The coveted label every textile wants hanging on their wall. 

Oeko-Tex certification guarantees the product hasn’t been manufactured using harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde (used in glue), pentachlorophenol (a pesticide and disinfectant) and many, many more toxic chemicals that might end up in your bedding.

Every single one of our products is Oeko-Tex certified. We’ve put our bedding through extensive testing to ensure you’re not cuddling up with chemicals. Say goodbye to skin-irritating, wheeze-inducing bed sheets, and hello to a comfortable (and safe) night’s sleep.


What does Oeko-Tex test for?

Straight from our mill’s mouth:
The textile needs to be free from more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. The standard takes into account the following: 

1. Legal regulations, such as banned AZO colourants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel etc 
2. Other harmful chemicals that are not yet legally regulated
3. Numerous environmentally relevant substance classes 


What is Oeko-Tex Standard-100?

The Standard 100 label means every single part of the product is free from harmful chemicals – that’s the threads that make up our crisp and smooth bedding, right through to those cute buttons that fasten up the duvet.

When we say our bedding is harmless, we really mean it.


How to check for Oeko-Tex certification

This one is simple – just ask the retailer. If they’re Oeko-Tex certified they’ll shout it loud and proud (just like we do).

If you want to double check the authenticity, ask to see the label and you can check the retailer’s certificate number here.


Oeko Tex


So, there we have it. You should now be an Oeko-Tex guru when it comes to bed sheets.

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