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Duvet Inners, Toppers, Quilts, & Pillows

Sink into the warmth and luxurious embrace of our bamboo cotton duvet inners, toppers, quilts, & pillows. Our range of bamboo cotton bedding ensures instant calm and relaxation, making your bedroom a place of restoration and sanctuary. See the selection below.

Quilts & Comforters Like No Other

No matter how you sleep, we've got a comforter to match your needs. Snuggle up to varying levels of warmth and construction, each tucked within our ultra-soft, Long Staple Cotton shell. With three levels of warmth in Down and Down Alternative options, our comforters offer the ultimate personalisation.

What does long-staple mean?

Oeko-Tex Certified

Buy Bamboo Duvet Inners Online in Australia

You will find several options in our range when shopping for duvet inners. One of those options is the Bamboo duvet inner, a product that is becoming increasingly popular across AU. It is a new type of fabric but delivers multiple benefits.

Our bamboo duvet inners are a blend of cotton and bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable material that will help keep you comfortable in bed, whatever the weather – warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The fabric is highly breathable and does not retain odours. It is also anti-fungal and antibacterial, making bamboo duvet inner products a healthy choice for AU families. Not only will you be more comfortable in a bamboo duvet inner, but you will also be breathing in fresher, cleaner air. It is a highly durable, strong fabric too, keeping its shape over time.

What about the sustainability? George Street Linen prioritises this and believes it is everyone's duty to help protect the environment and our natural resources. Bamboo is a natural product, but it also uses much less water to grow than other types of trees – about one-third less. This makes bamboo easier to farm. 

Make the switch today and shop for bamboo duvet inners, quilts, & pillows wherever you are in AU.

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