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Bedding Pillows

Find your perfect match. Our pillows are one essential you cannot sleep without if you're after a good night's sleep. Explore our range of high-loft, wool and feather down pillows. Tailored to side, back and front sleepers made with hypo-allergenic fills and premium weaves.

Shop Our Wide Range of Bedding Pillows

Updating your bedding would not be complete without picking up some high quality bedding pillows while you’re at it. High quality pillows are one of the key ingredients to a good night’s rest, and are 100% worth the investment.

Here at George Street Linen, we are very passionate about pillows and have a wide range of different bedding pillows for you to choose from on our website. We offer bamboo pillows, Siberian goose down pillows, kids’ pillows, high loft pillows, wool loft, pillows, and so much more. When browsing our bedding pillows, there truly is something for everyone!

Why Bamboo Pillows AU?

Bamboo pillows are becoming increasingly popular in AU. So why bamboo pillows?

Bamboo pillows were actually created in an attempt to replace goose and duck down feathers around a decade ago in the Japanese market. These pillows are extremely fibrous, very soft, and not very heavy. 

Bamboo is also known to be hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and antifungal. If you like the sound of the benefits that bamboo offers, you may also want to check out some of our other bamboo bedding products.

If you have yet to try out bamboo pillows AU yourself, now is definitely the time! They are a favourite choice here at George Street Linen, and you are sure to enjoy them as much as our other clients do!

Have any questions about our bedding pillows at George Street Linen? Please feel free to get in touch with our professional team today! We’d love to hear from you.

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