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MORAL FIBRE - Earth Day Every Day

MORAL FIBRE - Earth Day Every Day

Our vision is to continually inspire our community to think differently about bedlinen. We aim to support action, initiate change and continually innovate new ways to become more sustainable and eco friendly.

We believe that in our industry the best way of doing business is fabric led. We believe in low impact manufacturing and we make all our own fabrics, every part of the manufacturing process is traceable, measurable and accountable.


We're constantly on the search for the best product to sleep on and bring peace of mind knowing it didn't come at too much of a cost to the environment. To ensure we are always abreast of the latest advances we attend many markets all over the world every year that showcase some of the best natural fibres in the world.

Not only are natural fibres good for you in terms of breathability, comfort and style, the manufacturing processes involved is better for the environment all round – low emissions and absolutely no toxic chemicals. 


Our product is sourced straight from the farm, which has a much lower impact on the environment in comparison to that of synthetic fibres that emit tonnes of toxic fumes into the air.


Our cotton plants are picked each season and continue to grow. Our linen plants are sourced from Belgium, uprooted each season, meaning the whole plant is used which leaves absolutely no waste. Our flax linen farm has actually been noted as having a positive impact on eco-system diversity by retaining CO2.

We also love bamboo blends because of their versatility and regenerative properties. Bamboo can grow up to four feet in a day, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than most other trees, and produces around 35% more oxygen. It regenerates itself quickly after harvesting and requires little water and no pesticides to grow well.


Another great reason to use natural fibres is that should the time come, our sheets are bio-degradable. Not to say our products break down. We make sure to complete multiple tests and use only long staple fibres to assure your bedding will last and get better after each wash. Everything we send our products in can go straight into your recycling bin too, all ready to make a new start as something new.


When using natural fibres, they require gentle treatment. So there's not harsh chemicals or harsh dyes when creating our bedding. Every element of our products is tested by the world certification authority in Switzerland. Even our supply chain partners are Oeko-Tex certified, and checked at each step. From buttons and zippers to threads and fibres, every element is quality and safety tested to the highest global Oeko-Tex certification. Our textiles are free from more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.


Your bed linen should be made to last, cotton should be replaced every 5-10 years and if looked after with care, 100% linen sheets will last and last. Our products are only made from soft, durable, mostly Long Staple fibres – achieved through a careful, time consuming process of gently brushing fibres to remove short or broken strands. We use multiple styles of YKK zippers on our duvet covers and pillows, tested and marked to be the best in the world to stand the test of time. All of our custom colours and patterns are designed to mix and match so that they'll always make a statement in your bedroom. 



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