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Blankets, Throws & Cushions

Are the legendary benefits of mulberry silk pillowcases true for your skin and hair? We asked dermatologists and fabric specialists about their opinion on this amazing fabric and its role in our beauty sleep goals!

To jump to a spoiler alert, yes there are many benefits but we have to concur that silk is not a youth elixir, or should we cheekily say, yet. Let’s slide into the facts.

Wrinkle Benefits

A big YES to the benefits. Silk is so super smooth that it reduces any pulling on your skin. Traditional pillowcases, that are not silk, give 'crush wrinkles' and a mulberry silk pillowcase reduces these. In addition, daily friction against the skin increases the creation of wrinkles long term.

Frizzy Hair Benefits

Another big YES to this benefit. Your hair slides over silk without any pulling so there is less frizz, fewer knots and, generally, a less ‘Brian-May’ look. If you have hair with a strong texture or an inherent curl or want to keep your salon day look or braids, silk has proven its benefits for decades.

Skin Hydration Benefits

Silk gets a tick on this box too because it is less prone to absorbing your skin’s moisture. Sleeping on super absorbent cotton blankets is similar to sleeping on a super absorbent paper towel. It is built to absorb moisture. Silk leaves your skin's moisture where it should be - on your skin. 

Acne Vulgaris Benefits

Silk does not clear up acne vulgaris nor prevent breakouts.

Hypoallergenic Benefits

Media claims about the hypoallergenic properties of silk are usually made too broadly. Silk does benefit a niche group of allergy sufferers but allergic specific mattress protectors, regularly deep cleansing of your mattress and UV treatment of it as well as regularly washed bed linen offer greater benefits. Browse our huge range of Cotton blankets online and Buy Cotton Blankets in AU.

Split Ends Benefits

Whilst mulberry silk pillowcases are miracle workers with knots and frizzy hairy, they can’t prevent mechanical damage but they will reduce the frequency. Keeping your hair in a premium condition is more helpful with treatments, salon-grade conditioner and regular trims.

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