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MATERIAL MATTERS : Why Choose Cotton Jersey Bedding?

MATERIAL MATTERS : Why Choose Cotton Jersey Bedding?

Because it’s luxuriously soft and feels gentle against the skin, providing the most comfortable sleeping experience. At George Street Linen, we love experiencing the luxury of our ultra-soft cotton jersey sheets and pillowcases – where comfort meets sophistication in every thread.

Because it’s beautiful. Each piece in this collection features a classic marle weave – where two different coloured threads are woven together to make a single yarn – which produces a blurred tonal appearance, adding an element of subtle sophistication to your bedroom.


Because it’s stretchy. Our cotton jersey sheets fit your mattress snugly, staying in place throughout the night, thanks to their stretchable properties. Like any knitted garment, he fabric is made from a single yarn, which is formed into loops that can be stretched in different directions, giving jersey cotton the elasticity it’s known and loved for. The fabric gets its name from Jersey in the Channel Islands, where the technique of knitting has been used since the Middle Ages.


Because it’s durable. Crafted from long-staple cotton fibres, these sheets maintain their plush softness wash after wash, requiring minimal effort to care for. The longer the cotton fibres are, the softer and smoother the weave, and the more durable the fabric. 

Because it’s suitable for all seasons. Perfect for cooler months, it provides the ideal balance between traditional cotton sheets and warm flannelette. And it’s lightness and breathable qualities make it a cool choice for the hot summer months.

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