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"Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper" pronounced wit, and regular client, Oscar Wilde. Arthur Liberty’s vision for his store was an emporium that offered stylish and hand-made decorative items and fabrics from around world, and objects from the leading designers of the day. Liberty has always had a point of view; Arthur Liberty once said “I was determined not to follow existing fashions but create new ones.” Established in 1875, by the 1890s Liberty had developed very close relationships with the leading British designers of the fashionable Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. Its international reputation as a pre-eminent source of Art Nouveau objects led to that movement being termed Stile Liberty, or Liberty Style in Italy.

Affectionately known as Liberty’s, the store itself, located just off London’s Regent Street, is just as famous as the objects it offers. Built in a Tudor style that defies accepted notions of what we think a department should be, it’s a heritage and retail destination that continues to attract patrons from all over the world. Fittingly, as Liberty is renowned for its floral prints, visitors step inside through the Flower Shop to discover a six storied carved timber interior that is domestic in character replete with fireplaces, staircases and sitting areas.

From its foundation through to today, many would say that the Liberty Fabrics department is the heart of the store. Initially offering luxurious textiles sourced from around the world today Liberty is most famous for its own range of clothing and furnishing fabrics. The store’s in-house design studio is where new print designs are created and prints in its archive of 50,000 existing designs are reworked. The Liberty designs offered by George Street Linens were created in that design studio and stand within a prestigious and globally respected lineage of defining fabrics and design.  

We offer a custom made service in our collection of Liberty cotton (Rachel, Elysian Day, Ciara and Thorpe).  We also have a new range of chic and beautiful Liberty robes in Emma, Betsy Heirloom. 

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