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Bamboo Blend Fabrics - why they’re perfect for everyone!

Bamboo Blend Fabrics - why they’re perfect for everyone!

Whether you have sensitive skin; or are looking for a good night’s sleep; perhaps you are feeling the nip from the change of seasons; or maybe you’re just too hot! George Street Linen offers bamboo blended fabrics that are perfect for everyone!

Bamboo Cotton

The Bamboo Cotton gives you a lovely silky feel that is both sustainable and are hypoallergenic making them perfect for you if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Bamboo fabric is highly moisture absorbent and can hold three times its weight in water. Bamboo Cotton is ideal for regulating your body temperature in hot or cold weather because it is so breathable. At this time of year, as Autumn begins to turn cold, it gives you a light, cozy feel, giving you a perfect night’s sleep.

The blending of bamboo yarn with organic cotton makes our sheets and duvets extra strong and durable while keeping the fabric silky soft. Bamboo absorbs five times more of the gases that heat the planet and produces 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees.

Bamboo Linen

Like Bamboo Cotton Bedding our blended Bamboo Linen is deliciously silky soft and has all of the excellent features of the bamboo fabric. When bamboo grows it contains a natural antimicrobial agent that resists pests. This feature keeps your bamboo linen healthy, soft, and fresh throughout the life of the sheets.

The silky soft Bamboo Linen is beautifully matched with our Linen Duvet Cover AU that will give your bedroom elegant charm and invites one and all to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A Perfect Night’s Sleep

George Street Linen is serious about researching and achieving a perfect night’s sleep for everyone! Cotton Bed Sheet AU styled with Linen Duvet Cover AU looks amazing and is sustainable. At George Street Linen ‘we sleep well because it is sustainable’ and you can too! With both Bamboo Cotton Bedding and Bamboo Linen these beautiful blended bamboo fabrics are perfect for everyone!

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